Study Shows ‘Brand Fit Music’ Lifts Sales by 9 Percent

Did you know that if you tailor fit your music regiment to your brand,

this could lift sales by 9 Percent!!

From QSR Website:

Sponsored Content | December 2017

Study Shows ‘Brand Fit Music’ Lifts Sales by 9 Percent

Streaming ‘brand fit’ music can boost restaurant sales. Soundtrack Your Brand

Sponsored by Soundtrack Your Brand.

The study is the largest-ever of its kind, tracking 1.8 million sales transactions and 2,101 customer surveys at restaurants over a period of five months. By using Soundtrack Your Brand’s streaming technology, researchers were able to pinpoint exactly how music selections impacted sales second by second.

The results showed that “brand fit music,” which is music that strongly matches a concept’s personality, lifted overall restaurant sales by 9.1 percent over playing a randomized selection of the most streamed tunes on Spotify. It drove even larger growth in specific categories, such as desserts, which rose by 15.6 percent; shakes and smoothies, which rose by 15 percent; and side dishes, which grew by 11 percent.

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